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Centre de Recherche et Restauration des Musées de France / Center of Research and Restoration of the Museums of France

The C2RMF — Center of Research and Restoration of the Museums of France, is shared between the CNRS (UMR CNRS 171) and the Ministry of the Culture. The lab is located in Paris, France.

The C2RMF is the national research centre in France responsible for the documentation,conservation and restoration of the items held in the collections of more than 1,200 museums across France. The C2RMF also carries out extensive scientific studies and data recording for these collections, and is active both nationally and internationally in the field of cultural heritage conservation and analysis. The C2RMF is involved in the development of technologies and scientific procedures employed in the preservation of art works and artefacts, both on its own and in partnership with other museums and research institutions across the globe.

The department of Documentation and Information Technology of the C2RMF participates in EROS 3D, on the acquisition and supplying of raw data for the other partners.

More information about the institution can be found in the C2RMF website.

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